Our process

Our steps to your autonomy… Throughout your financial journey, we work side by side with you to understand your long-term personal financial goals, risk tolerance, preferences and needs. Quality advice is essential.


Financial "Mist"

We will help you remove the mist that surrounds your financial arrangements, plans and policies

What have you got? What are your objectives? Do your financial arrangements help you achieve your goals and objectives?

Although our aim will be to undertake a full holistic review of your financial situation we will find out the areas which are a priority to you and structure our service to meet your needs. As part of the full financial review we offer targeted advisory services including:

  • The Business Owner Service
  • Professionals & Executives Service
  • Retirement Income Service
  • Later Life & Legacy Planning Service
Discovery & Data Harvest

Discovery & Data Harvest

Getting to know you and your needs

The main purpose of the first meeting will be to get to know you. We will obtain as much information as possible relating to our financial circumstances and objectives. It is therefore beneficial if you can have available any details of policies, schemes, investments, mortgages, outgoings, wills, interests in trusts that you have.

This information will normally be collated by your adviser on a financial planning questionnaire. This includes your basic personal details and an indication of your personal financial objectives.

A key area that your adviser will wish to fully understand is your knowledge and experience of investments including your Attitude to Risk’ and your feelings towards any risks of losing money as this will impact significantly on the advice given. The impact these areas will have on your objectives will be discussed and recorded.

Analysis & Report

Analysis & Report

Analysis and research towards report preparation

We will analyse existing plans and funds using internal and external technical research. The information received from the provider will be analysed with the information gathered at the initial meeting.

We will consider tax planning opportunities and in this respect we will often wish to liaise with your other professional advisers (accountant, solicitor, investment managers etc.). Please note that the Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate tax advice.

The research and report preparation may typically take 3-6 weeks to complete. We will liaise during the preparation process to inform you of any delays. The second  meeting will typically last between one and two hours. Other parties such as spouse, children or other professional advisers may be included.

Implement & Simplify

Implement & Simplify

Agreeing plans and funds

Once instructed we will implement agreed changes to plans and funds. We will forward instructions to relevant provider(s) which is generally a completed application form and payment. All details of transactions undertaken through Autonomy Wealth Limited will be recorded on our back office system.

Your Autonomy Wealth Plan

Your Autonomy Wealth Plan

Evolution of your plan

Your Autonomy Wealth adviser will adopt a systematic approach to develop the plan. The Autonomy Wealth PIRL approach (Protection, Investments, Retirement and Legacy) considers all aspects of your financial plan. This approach ensures you have a coordinated strategy that has all aspects covered.

Active Managed Portfolio Service (AMPS)

Active Managed Portfolio Service (AMPS)

Proactive performance

Autonomy Wealth AMPS ensures that your ISAs, pensions and other investments are arranged in accordance with your attitude to risk and capacity for loss. We proactively review the asset allocation and funds held in your portfolio and recommend changes when identified by our investment committee. Our monthly bulletins allow regular monitoring of portfolio performance.

A key objective of the Autonomy Wealth AMPS is to reduce the volatility of the portfolios we manage, in comparison with a portfolio or fund with a similar risk profile. If volatility is reduced and asset allocation is proactively managed taking account of market and economic conditions we expect to achieve outperformance although this can’t be guaranteed.

Please be aware that the value of investments can fall as well as rise, and that you may not get back the full amount invested. The price of investments we may recommend may depend on fluctuations in the financial markets, or other economic factors, which are outside our control. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results. 

For more information read about our investment philosophy, click here

Keep on track

Keep on track

Achieving your objectives

Products we have arranged will be reviewed as part of an on-going service for which there is a fee. This on-going service fee will only be due once the agreement for this service has been authorised in writing by you.

The on-going service review is crucial to achieve objectives. Reviews will ensure plans can be adapted to accommodate any changes in situation, needs and objectives.Your adviser and the desk-based support team and are on hand to answer any queries and you will also be updated with changes in regulations that may impact plans and objectives. We strongly recommend this service be taken up.